Our menu changes daily, based on seasonal variations, local farmers' produce, and the kitchen crew's inspiration. This menu gives a good general idea of recent offerings.

House Made bread

Israeli Pita and S'hug  

Yemenite Kubaneh  
grated tomato. s’hug. olive oil

tahina butter


Salmon Belly Carpaccio
dukkah. dill. lemon

Lebanese Lamb Tartare "Kibbeh" 
onion. mint. red cabbage. bulgur crisp

Palestinian Beef Tartare
pine nuts. parsley. tahina. arugula


Greek Potatoes

Oven Roasted Cabbage
yogurt. jus. urfa biber pepper

Moroccan Baked Eggs
tomato. feta. dukkah. grilled challah

Baharat Roasted Carrots
whipped feta. walnuts. brown butter

Lebanese Baked Eggplant
ground lamb. feta

"El Baboor" Lamb Kebab Pie
tomato. pine nut. serrano. dill





Chef's Tasting Menu
Chef's choice for the table                          
50 per person                        

 substitutions politely declined


Warm Castelvetrano Olives
olive oil. bay leaf  

Beef Bacon Wrapped Date

Sheep’s Milk Feta

House Made Cheese
crispy harissa. pickled collards. chives    

Roasted Eggplant
mint. smoked olive oil. sea salt                                                   

Beet and Tahina
black sesame seed. dill. maldon

House Made Labneh
olive oil. fried cauliflower

“Usul” Hummus
tahina. egg. onion

Hummus "Pitriyot"
maitake mushrooms. paprika. dill

s’hug. pickles. tahina

cherries. parsley. yogurt dressing

Fennel Salad
agretti. tarragon. candied pecans. lemon vinaigrette

Pocha Bean and Pomegranate Salad
mint. basil. orange zest. sumac

Radish and Grape Salad
pistachio. sheep cheese. urfa

Braised Greek Greens
olive oil. chili flake. lemon juice

Fried Calamari                                               spicy tomato sauce. ouzo. tzatziki

Lamb Meatballs
cherries. almonds. honey


Warm Freekeh Salad
charred summer peppers. green chickpeas. oregano. feta

rice. lentils. fried onion

Tunisian Spiced Shrimp
carrots. currants. ginger

Seared King Salmon
preserved lemon butter. fresno chili. basil

seared cod. tomato. caraway. chilies. challah

Scallops                                                            skordalia. candied beef bacon. breadcrumbs. cucumber pickles.

Moroccan Brick Chicken
arugula salad. red onion. capers

Fried Chicken
aleppo pepper. honey

braised beef. tomato. orzo. ladotiri


espelette pepper. dill

Moroccan Quail
couscous. castelvetrano olives. smoked almonds. rose petal harissa

Greek Lamb Chops
oregano. garlic. lemon

Hanger Steak
fried capers. roasted garlic. preserved lemon. smoked olive oil

Nazareth Kebab
beef. lamb. pine nuts. burnt cinnamon. parsley tahina. puffed freekeh

Adana Lamb Kebab
cucumber. yogurt. sumac onions

Baharat Chicken Kebab
roasted cabbage salad. tahina. fried onions


Chef's Tasting Menu
Chef's choice for the table                          
50 per person                        

 substitutions politely declined